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Thursday 1:00pm-4:00pm

Crochet Mitered Squares
Teacher: Connie LynchMitered Square - Connie Lee Lynch

Thursday 1:00pm – 4pm
Advanced Beginner
Class cost $35
Materials Cost $0
3 hrs – 8 students max

Learn and practice three different stitches in this simple but dynamic square! You’ll work back and forth in rows and then in mitered rows that demonstrate different ways to turn corners.
Learn how to make mitered squares using Single Crochet, Half Double Crochet, Treble Crochet, Standing Stitches, and Changing Colors (optional)
Bring yarn in 1 – 3 different colors of the same weight, preferably smooth and evenly plied, and hooks appropriate for selected yarn. DK or Worsted Weight yarn recommended. Mitered squares written pattern will be provided for each student.

Beginner Wheel Spinning
Teacher: Brenda Harrower

Thursday 1:00pm – 4pm
Skill Level: Beginner
Class cost $60
Materials cost $15
3 hrs – 8 students max

Join master spinner Brenda Harrower in your journey down the rabbit hole into spinning. Its fun, relaxing, and productive. We’ll cover the parts of the wheel and their functions. Then the great part, how to spin worsted yarn that you make your first project with.
Teacher will supply art batts, top, string, niddy noddys, and lazy kates.

Beginning Crochet
Teacher: Jonee Davis

Thursday 1pm-4pmbeginning crochet
Skill Level : Beginner
Class Cost: $45
Materials $0
3 hrs – 10 Students max

This class is ultimately for the beginner. You won’t find me beating you with a stick to crochet the way I do… the whole purpose of the course is to get you to do hands on learning and find your own method. Everyone holds their hooks and yarn differently. This class is free flowing and is about finding your own rhythm with crochet.
All material will be provided plus you will be able to go home with a great sampler. You will start a project with the stitches we will learn in class. I will have handouts and several patterns available for students to take home with them.

Teacher: Joi Chuppimg_1208

Thursday 1:00 – 4:00pm
Skill Level: Beginner
Class cost $55
Materials cost $0
3 hrs – 10 students max

Kumihimo is the art of Japanese Braiding. Kumihimo has many uses, but often thought of as a small round braid used as trim on clothing. However there are also square and flat braids created in Kumihimo. And the braids can be made thick as well as fine.
In this class students will learn the round braid, but they will also get instructions on the other braids. They will see how adding beads in different ways can totally change the purpose of the braid. Kumihimo is fairly simple and repetitive. There is a rhythm to the braiding. Once students learn the few rules they will see how much fun it can be.

Zoom Loom Weaving
Teacher : Beverly AnglinZoom loom pic 3

Thursday 1:00pm – 4:00pm
Skill Level: Beginner
Class cost $30
Materials Cost $45
3hrs – 10 students max

Students will learn the basics of pin loom weaving and will use the
Zoom Loom for this class.
Vocabulary notes will include how to Warp and Weft (weave)
Types of yarns to be used on a Pin Loom will be outlined.
How to read patterns and diagrams related to Pin Looms
How to use the weaving needle specific to Pin Looms
Discussion of various styles of Pin Looms available in today’s market.
Web sites, reference books and guides will be outlined.

Students should bring 3 – 4 small balls of varied weight yarn to warp
the loom to practice. Worsted, DK work well. Each ball needs to be at
least 10 yds in length. All items to use with the loom are included in the
loom kit.

Teacher: Donna Peyton

Thursday 1pm – 4pmEntrelac.jpg
Skill Level: Intermediate
Class Cost:$30
Materials Cost: $0
3 hrs – 10 Students max

Entrelac is the technique of knitting a single fabric that looks woven. Learn to knit these tiered blocks in this easy class. Students need to know basic knitting and purling techniques. Picking up stitches is a plus, but can be learned in class.

Students bring size 8 needles and worsted weight yarn.

Short Rows
Teacher: Kim Hayskim hays short rows

Thursday 1:00pm – 4pm
Skill Level: Advanced Beginner
Class cost $65
Materials cost $0
3 hrs – 20 Students max

Short rows have many useful functions when it comes to shaping and designing your knitting. Learning how and when to implement this method is a valuable addition to any knitter’s repertoire.
A short row is an incomplete row of knitting. Short rows add shape to the body of a garment without increasing stitches. They are commonly used in shaping sock heels but can be used in all sort of scenarios; to curve hemlines, create bust darts, mimic a set in sleeve, shape shoulders, add height to yokes and construct all sort of interesting shapes in shawl.
This class teaches 4 different types of short row methods; wrap-&-turn, yarn-over, Japanese – Sunday, and German (double stitch).
I designed the above cowl pattern with the purpose of practicing the different techniques.
Students Bring: Size 6 circular needles, 24” for knitting cowl. The pattern calls for 2 different colored dk weight yarns approximately 200 yds. each.
Prerequisite- Working knowledge of knit and purl.

Double Knitting
Teacher: Katie Clarkdouble knitting

Thursday 1:00pm – 4pm
Skill Level: Intermediate
Class cost – $70
Materials – $0
3 hrs – 8 students max

Double knitting is a fun technique that produces a two color, double layered fabric with reversible design. Make a set of coasters or a sturdy dishrag if you are a beginner
to this technique. Bold knitters can venture into a diagram to create a scarf with an image or pattern.

Sewing Seams & Picking up Stitches
Teacher: Kathy Berkshire

Thursday 1:00 – 4pmimg_1199
Class Cost – $ 40
Materials cost $0
3 hrs – 6 students max

Seam with confidence! In this class, you will sew swatches together vertically and horizontally, in stockinette and garter, and your seam will be invisible! We will also pick up stitches on a side edge as well as cast-on and bound-off edges. Come to learn, or practice!

Students Bring:  Six swatches as described in homework
Small amount of yarn in color which contrasts with your homework
Size 8 or 9 needles, A sewing needle and Several locking Stitch markers
Homework: With light colored worsted weight yarn and size 8 or 9 needles, knit 4 swatches in stockinette stitch. Each swatch should measure approximately 6″ by 6″. To work best with your swatches during class, wet block or steam block so that your edges lay flat. With light colored worsted weight yarn and size 8 or 9 needles, knit 2 swatches in garter stitch. Each swatch should measure approximately 4″ by 4″.

Cards vs Combs: Which to Use When
Teacher:  Mary Berrycards vs coms

Thursday 1:00pm – 4pm
Skill Level: Beginner
Class Cost $40
Materials cost $0
3 hrs – 15 Students max

Did you buy some hand cards or combs and stick them in a drawer somewhere? Drag them out and bring them to this class! It’s time to learn to use them to your best advantage! In this class you will make combed top, carded fiber, and learn how to spin each. We will also blend fibers on our combs and cards and discuss how to spin each fiber prep. Cards and Combs are also available to rent from the instructor in case you haven’t fallen down that particular rabbit hole yet.

Friday 9:00am – 12:00pm

Intro to Yarn Dyeing
Teacher:  Carolyn Edgar

Friday 9am – 12pmyarn dyeing
Skill Level: Beginner
Class cost $90
Materials Cost $0
3 hrs – 15 students max

This is a 3-hour hands-on introductory class on dyeing animal fibers in your own home. We’ll cover 3 techniques for dyeing animal fibers using professional grade acid dyes (speckled, variegated, and solid colors).
Participants will leave the class with three mini hanks that they helped dye in class, typewritten instructions for dyeing at home and other supplies needed for the class.
Participants may want to bring a spare t-shirt or apron just to ensure no pretty clothes get mussed up!

Spin & Ply with Tibetan Spindle
Teacher: Teresa GoateySpin-Ply w Tibetan

Friday 9am-12pm
Skill Level:
Class cost $55
Materials $0
3 hrs – 8 students max

Learn to make a finished 2-ply yarn using a couple of simple tools. We will spin a single ply yarn on the Tibetan spindle, wind the single into a center-pull ball using a nostepinne, then ply the yarn from the ball back onto the spindle. We have found that the Tibetan is the easiest way to learn to spin. The student keeps both tools – spindle and nostepinne – as part of the class. All equipment and materials are provided.

Spinning Luxury Fibers
Teacher: Brenda Harrower

Friday 9am-12pm
Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Class cost $60
Materials $50
3 hours – 10 Students max
Spinners drool over these fibers, may even have some for that “some day” spinning. Intermediate to advanced spinners will be amazed at how easy these are to spin! Long draw is a must know skill. We’ll also learn how to blend fibers to make those expensive fibers go further without losing some of its properties or to enhance them.
Teacher will bring tussan silk, silk hankies, merino, bamboo, cornsilk, camel, yak, and fire star. Some cotton carders, niddy noddys and lazy kates will be available but is suggested that students bring them.
Students will bring cotton carders or fine wool carders, niddy noddy, lazy kate, wheel and 3 bobbins in good working order, usual extras for wheel maintenance, top whorl and medium whorl, scissors.

Needle felting for Beginners
Teacher: Beth Collierfelting

Friday 9:00am -12:00pm
Skill Level: Beginner
Class cost – $40
Materials – $0
3 hours – 12 students max

Ever wanted to learn how to needle felt? In this workshop, participants will learn the basics of felting by making a little figure like a penguin, bird or ladybug. Students will learn how to safely create a shape, add color and contour.
The felting needles are VERY sharp so children should be at least 8 years old (with adult) and 10 if they will not have an adult buddy.
All materials will be provided and participants will take home a completed little creature.

Dimensional Weaving
Teacher: Joi Chupp

Friday 9am – 12pmimage-3
Skill Level: Beginning and Intermediate
Class cost $70
3 hrs – 12 students max
Have you wanted to learn to weave but we’re intimidated by the warping process or all the rules? Do you just want to have fun with weaving? Then this class is for you. We won’t throw out all the rules, but we aren’t going to be bound by them either.
In this class we will use a small tapestry style loom that can become part of the weaving. The students will learn different stitches and use different materials to create one of a kind weavings. Instructions will be given for patterns and some common shapes. Students will be encouraged to find the methods that create the designs they are happy with.

Knitter’s Counting Bracelet -Make & Take
Teacher: Marla Morriscounting bracelet

Friday 9am-12pm
Skill Level: All levels
Class cost $50
Materials cost $0
3 hours – 15 students max

Don’t you love beautiful jewelry? Even for your knitting? I designed this bracelet to keep track of rows, repeats, cables, increases/decreases—whatever you desire! In addition, we’ll make and attach coordinating stitch markers! The typical setup lets you track 3-4 items easily. I will bring all the tools, beautiful European glass beads, fun shaped beads, metal charms, and findings to let you create this piece in class. If you are quick, you can purchase a second kit and make another one.
Students Bring: your reading glasses, your drink, and your friends.

Brioche – It is Everywhere!
Teacher: Kathy Berkshire

Friday 9am – 12pmBrioche Everywhere Scarf Project shown with another color option
Skill Level: Intermediate
Class Cost $40
Materials $0
3 hrs – 6 Students max

The brioche stitch is a favorite of hip designers today. Brioche creates a lovely, cushy fabric that is deceptively easy to knit. We will use two colors, but no worries: you only work with one color at a time. And it is reversible! We will begin a scarf (which can be seamed to create a cowl) and you will have all the skills you need to “bark” and “burp”!

Students Bring:
1 skein each of 2 contrasting colors in worsted weight, approximately 200 yards each.
24” Size 8 circular needles (needles must be circular) and Stitch markers.
Pattern and handouts will be provided in class.
Cast on 23 stitches loosely. Leave on needle and bring to class.

Learn to Knit Faster Using the Continental Method
Teacher: Kim Hayscontinental

Friday 9am-12pm
Skill Level: Intermediate Beginner
Class Cost $65
Materials cost $0
3 hrs – Students max

Knit faster, improve efficiency, and reduce hand strain as you master Continental knitting!
Class Objectives:
• The Knit Stitch – Whether a new knitter or an English-style (holding your working yarn in the right hand) you will learn how to tension and position the yarn in your hands correctly and efficiently.
• The Purl Stitch – Learn how to hold your yarn and move it easily without awkwardness.
• Time saving techniques for ribbing and seed stitch.
• Tips and tricks for even stitches
Prerequisite- Understanding of the knit and purl stitch.
This class includes project pattern

Students Bring:
Yarn to practice with. I suggest nothing lighter than a DK weight for ease of learning.
24” circular needles that match the size called for on your yarn band, or straight needles if you prefer. I suggest size 6, 7, or 8 for learning.

Finishing Fun
Teacher: Beverly Anglin

Friday 9am-12pmI-Cord bind off pic
Skill Level: Intermediate
Class Cost $35
Materials – $0
3 hrs – 10 students max

Students will learn the following Finishing Techniques for Knitting
I-Cord edges, and I cord
Three needle bind off
Mattress stitch for seams
Picking up dropped stitches; purl and knit
M1R and M1 Left
Kitchener Stitch closure
Reference materials, video sites and outline will be listed in this class.
Students should bring projects that are unfinished. If there are none to bring then students needs to bring at least 4 knitted swatches that we can practice with. Worsted weight yarn and size 7 or 8 needs should be used to make the swatches. Double pointed needs are required for I-Cord. Tapestry needle for tucking in tails and a small crochet hook, size D or E for picking up stitches.

Intensive Cocoknits Sweater Workshop
Teacher Carla Billingsley

Friday 9am-12pm, 1pm-4pm (Break for lunch)cocoknits_project_front
Skill Level: Intermediate
Class cost $120
Materials $0
6hrs – 12 students max

This is an intensive, one-day version of the Cocoknits Sweater Workshop. Instead of knitting an adult sweater, in this class we will knit a baby or doll sized sweater in order to work through the primary techniques explained in the Cocoknits Sweater Workshop book.
The Cocoknits Method involves two particular approaches to knitting top-down seamless sweaters:
1. The sweater yoke is based on a type of construction called “English Tailoring,” which provides a tailored sleeve cap with elegant lines without any seams.
2. The Cocoknits worksheet, together with stitch markers in 6 different colors, provides a wonderful method for keeping track of where you are in the yoke pattern and where you need to make sleeve and neckline increases. The same system can also be used for raglan style top down sweaters.
In this class we will make the smallest size of the “Emma” version C sweater in the book, which has a 33.5” finished bust when knit to the pattern gauge of 3 stitches per inch but works out to be more of a large baby/doll sized sweater in a worsted weight yarn on #6 needles.
We will cover the following:
• Knitting the back, including how to do lifted left and right leaning increases on both the knit and purl sides to achieve clean lines.
• Picking up stitches and knitting the shoulders
• Joining and picking up stitches to begin knitting the rest of the yoke.
• Setting up the Cocoknits worksheet and then knitting from it to complete the yoke. How to correct for missed increases.
• Separating the sleeves from the body.
• Techniques for achieving a clean underarm seam.
Students Bring (Required):
• Cocoknits Sweater Workshop book (we will have them for sale for $35).
• Approximately 400 yards of worsted weight yarn. You will want to use a smooth yarn in a color that makes it easy to see the stitches as it is very important that you be able to read your stitches.
• Circular needles in the size appropriate for your yarn. (either one 40″ or longer or 3 separate circulars)
• Whatever type of needle you prefer to use for knitting small items in the round (DPNs, 2 circulars, magic loop, etc.)
• Smaller skinny needle in any size (double pointed or circular)
• Yarn snips or scissors
• Tape measure or ruler

Introduction to Rug Hooking
Teacher: Mary Berryrug hooking

Friday 9am – 12pm, 1pm-4pm (Break for lunch)
Skill Level: Beginner
Class cost $80
Materials cost $0
6 hrs – 12 students max

Rug Hooking is fun, fast, and creative whether you want to create a rug for the floor, a table mat, or a beautiful wall hanging. When is a hooked rug made up of fibers other than wool! Anytime you want it to be!  In this class, you will bring your own design (or choose one of mine), transfer the design to a piece of Scottish linen, stretch the linen over a rug hooking frame, and learn to pull loops. We will hook with both wool yarn and  hook a small decorative piece with anything we can get our hands on. I will show you the in’s and out’s of hooking with silk, ribbon, roving, lumpy bumpy hand spun yarn, novelty yarn, and anything else that is shiny and glittery. (We’re all crows, right? Attracted to shiny things?) We will also discuss (and use, if you want to), fabrics such as satin and sequins. We will mix up yarn and fabric, sometimes two at a time!   Finishing techniques will close out the class.  It’s time to put some Pizazz in your rug hooking!

Friday 1:00pm -4:00pm

Felted Lights
Teacher: Joi Chupp

Friday 1:00pm – 4pmFelted Lights
Skill Level: Beginner – Intermediate
Class cost $55
Materials cost $0
3 hrs – 15 students max

Have you ever had a lamp with a worn or ugly lampshade? In this class you will learn how to replace an old shade or make a totally new one. This gives you the opportunity to create your own unique style. This is a wet felting class so be prepared to have fun playing with wet soapy wool. Lamp shade, resist material, and wool are provided. Students need to bring: A bath towe, a 24″ long pool noodle, a pair of scissors and an adventurous spirit.

Toe-Up, Two-At-A-Time Socks
Teacher: Bex Oliger

Friday 1pm – 4pm
Skill Level: Intermediate
Class Cost $55
Materials fee $25
3 hours 16 students max

Hand-knit socks are beyond compare! Why do them Toe-Up? Why make them Two-At-A-Time? Come to class and learn all the whys and hows. This is one of Bex’s most popular classes! No, you will not finish a pair of socks in class… but you will have all of the techniques down to size socks for anyone and the confidence to finish on your own. You only need to know how to knit and purl. Needles, choice of yarns and pattern provided.
Bring basic knitting notions including lock stitch markers, scissors, tape
measure, calculator and pencil.

Introduction to Tapestry
Teacher: Robin Goatey

Friday 1:00 – 4:00pmIntro Tapestry
Class Level: Beginner
Class Fee $85
Materials $0
3 hrs – 10 students max

Learn weft-face weaving on The Dancing Goats’ “Tayet” travel-size loom. True tapestry has a weft facing while the warp disappears into the structure and packing of weave. The class includes a Tayet tapestry loom, warp thread, beater fork and tapestry needles. We will warp the mini-loom in class and practice the techniques of weft-facing, adding joins and changing colors. I will have weft yarns available, but students are encouraged to bring a variety of yarn weights and preferred colors for experimenting. Dyed long-wool locks also work great in these little tapestries.

Peg Loom Weaving-Beginning
Teacher: Jonee Davis

Friday 1pm – 5pmpeg loom (2).jpg
Skill Level: Beginner/All levels
Class cost $50
Materials cost $0
4 hrs – 12 students max

Explore all the possibilities of using a Peg Loom in a variety of ways. After taking this class your imagination will be the only boundaries of your creativity. Learn different techniques using a variety of mediums such as yarn, cloth strips, etc. You will be taking a project home with you
Use of a Peg Loom included in class fee. All materials furnished.

Stranded Knitting and Fair Isle Introduction
Teacher: Deborah Carlsonstranded knitting

Friday 1pm – 4pm
Skill Level: Intermediate
Class Cost $55
Materials Cost $10
3 hrs and 15 students max

There is nothing more beautiful than a carefully planned and well knit Fair Isle sweater or garment knit with multiple colors. With this class you will begin to understand the differences between Fair Isle and stranded knitting. We will cover the fascinating history of Fair Isle, before exploring how to plan using colors and how to choose the best colors for your item. Learn which yarns work best for color knitting and why! This will be hands -on class, which will cover different methods of handling the yarn and knitting swatches of colored knitting for your practice.
Students bring: Needles appropriate for the yarn they choose. Please plan to bring different colors of yarn with you to play with during the class. Ideal yarns for this class include DK wools, and one of my favorites, Jamieson & Smith Jumper weight. It would be great if you would like to share and experiment with lots of color!

Introduction to Knitting
Teacher: Katie ClarkIntro knitting

Friday 1:00pm-4:00pm
Skill Level:  Beginner
Class Fee $60
Material Cost $0
3 hrs – 8 Students max

Get started knitting by learning the basic knit and purl stitches, casting on, and binding off. You will begin with a swatch which you can make into a scarf or piece it with other squares to make your first afghan!

The Way We See Color
Teacher: Marcy PetriniMarcy Petrini woven piece

Friday 1pm – 4pm
Skill Level: All Levels
Class cost $55
Materials $0
3 hrs – 30 Students max

Colors can play tricks on our eyes because of their interactions; understanding how we see colors allows us to manipulate these interactions so that our work showcases hues to their best advantage. A Color monograph ($20 value) will be provided to each participant.
Students need to bring:
• Find a piece paper you consider a true red approximately 3” by 3”, any type of paper but solid; place it in an envelope and seal it.
• After a few days, find or make a small skein, 8 to 10 yards, of a yarn you consider true red, any fiber, but solid, not variegated and not textured. Put it in another envelope.
• Bring both envelopes. Don’t be influenced by color names, choose what you consider true red.
• Bring a small skein of yellow yarn, any yellow.

Introduction to Tuck and Brioche Knitting: Similar techniques with different results
Teacher: Kim Hays

Friday 1:00pm – 6:00pmtuck into brioche
Skill Level: Advanced Beginner
Class cost- $105
Materials cost- $0
5 hrs – 10 students max

The Tuck and Brioche Stitches are a fun way to use more than one color without having to use the stranded color technique. Nancy Marchant, the Queen of Brioche (now known as the Mother Tucker), has come up with a fast and easy way of knitting the Tuck stitch using slipped stitches and yarn overs similar to her brioche technique. This class starts by learning Tuck Stitch in the round and graduates to 2 color brioche.  Prerequisite- Must be able to knit and purl in the round.   Class cost includes project pattern

Students Bring:
Two different colored dk or worsted weight yarns approximately 100 gms. each. You also can mix dk and worsted weight, but the worsted weight should be the main color (white in the above picture).
Needles: 16” circular needles that match the size called for on yarn band, (usually Size 6 – 8).

Design Your Own Shawl Without Charts or Math
Teacher: Jennifer Millerimg_1424

Friday 1:00pm – 4:00pm
Skill Level: Intermediate
Class Cost $50
Materials Cost $0
3 hours -15 students Max

Learn the geometry of shawls and how they are constructed. Make two simple decisions,  chose a yarn or two, and start knitting. Modify your color and stitch pattern as you go. This class provides loads of options and suggestions for unique shawls of various shapes and overs color combining, texture, and simple lace patterns, as well as three shawl starting methods: garter tab, 3-stitch cast-on, and provisional cast-on.

Friday 4:00 – 6:00pm

Intarsia Basics
Teacher: Kathy Berkshire

Friday 4pm-6pmIntarsia Basics Untangled Picture
Skill Level: Confident Beginner
Class Cost $35
Material Cost $0
2 hrs – 6 Students max

Intarsia is a colorwork technique used to create separate areas of color in a knitted piece. Intarsia knitting patterns can be worked in as few as two colors or as many as needed for any given design. The intarsia technique does not require carrying yarn across the entire row. Many lovely and fun motifs are at your fingertips with intarsia! In this class, you will work with 2 colors, learn how to join and to interlock your colors to avoid holes, and to manage your yarns – no tangles!

Students Bring: Two contrasting colors (A and B) of worsted weight yarn. Color A should be about 70 yards, separated into 2 balls of approximately 35 yards each. Color B should be about 35 yards.
Size needles appropriate for your yarn (7, 8 or 9).
With Color A, cast on 30 stitches. Knit 1 row.

Shuttle Tatting Intermediate
Teacher: Roiana Buckmaster

Friday 4pm – 6pm
Skill Level: Intermediate
Class Cost $55
Materials $0
2 hrs – 10 students max

For those who have mastered shuttle tatting rings, it is time to add chains! In this class, students will learn to add a second thread from the ball and use two threads to make chains and rings, forming a continuous length of lace edging or more complicated medallions then rings alone. We will also explore reading patterns from a chart or written lines and hiding thread ends for a tidy finish. Materials are provided as well as a tatting shuttle for students to keep, and are included in the class fee.

PLEASE NOTE – students need to feel comfortable with the basic tatting stitch. There will be a class limit of 10 students which means I will not be able to show a beginner the one-on-one attention I prefer to give them. Someone who has mastered tatting in the past and just needs a brush up would probably be fine.

Meditative Stitching:  A Guide to Elevating Your Craft
Teacher: Michelle Christoph

Friday 4:00pm – 6:00pmmeditative.png
Skill Level: All Levels
Class Cost $45
Materials cost $0
2 hrs – 20 Students max

Any knitter knows that the moment the needles begin their rhythmic dance, a sense of calm and peace takes over. This class offers a “new” perspective on an age old craft and beckons us to create a mindful, meditative practice that elevates our knitting to new heights for self-growth and caring for others. Topics covered will include:
– Defining meditation in the context of knitting
– Examining our personal appoach to knitting and how that informs our meditative knitting practice
– The impact of project, tools and materials selection
– Three vehicles for a meditative knitting practice: prayer, gratitude, and affirmation
– Steps to constructing a meditative knitting practice
You will walk away from the class with the information and knowlege to begin your own meditative practice with the purpose of enhancing your life and those of your loved ones.

Beginning Drop Spinning
Teacher: Donna Peyton

Friday 4:00pm – 6:00pmspinning picture
Skill Level: Beginner
Class Cost: $30
Materials Cost: $0
2 hrs – 10 Students max

Students will learn the basics of spinning on a drop spindle.
Students Bring: A drop spindle and some fiber.

Design your own Filet Crochet
Teacher: Katie Clarkfilet crochet

Friday 4:00-6:00pm
Skill Level: Advanced
Class Cost $45
Material Cost – $0
3 hrs – 20 students max

Filet crochet is used to make stunning heirlooms and pieces of art. In this class, we will learn some differences between thread and yarn filet crochet and how that affects design. We will learn new filet crochet stitches and how to use them to add shading and texture to a design. We will choose various sources of inspiration to create your own masterpiece and learn techniques to design charts both on graph paper and, if time permits, using image manipulation software such as Adobe Photoshop or Gimp. You will leave with a chart in hand and an original filet crochet project underway!

New Techniques: filet crochet stitches, reading charts, making charts

Required Skills: Double crochet, some filet crochet experience, optional: basic computer skills

Students Bring: Sport or Dk weight yarn and appropriate size hook
Basic Crochet supplies: Scissors, Tapestry needle, Measuring Tape, Pencil, Graph paper

Fibonacci, Fiber and Fun!
Teacher: Connie Lynch

Friday 4:00pm-6:00pmConnie Lee Lynch - Fibonacci, Fiber, and Fun!
Skill Level: All levels of experience
Class cost $25
Materials cost $0
2 hrs – 20 students max

Come learn a little about the history of the Fibonacci Sequence and how you can use these numbers to create very aesthetically appealing stripes, fades, and more! Math IS fun!! Learn how to use the Fibonacci Sequence to plan striping patterns for all kinds of projects, from hats and scarves to blankets and even garments!
Students bring: Yarn in 2 solid colors with appropriate hook or needle to swatch with.
Workshop is based on “Rabbits, Math, and Crochet Color Striping: How the Fibonacci Sequence Ties Them All Together” article, by Connie Lee Lynch, in Love of Crochet, Winter 2017 magazine (article available on

Saturday 9am-12pm

Continuous Strand Weaving on a Frame Loom
Teacher: Bex Oliger

Saturday 9:00am – 12:00pm
Skill Level: Beginner
Class Cost $55
Materials $0
3hrs -12 Students max

Learn this magical technique for creating triangles, squares or rectangles of woven fabric that can be joined together to make shawls, scarves, pouches, rugs, pillows, etc. Bex’s mother wrote THE book on this method! No measuring, warping, or math needed for this class. Finish a complete project in 3 hours! Try our popular Washcloth Loom, Weave a triangle and a square on our 6” Mini Mod Looms that can be combined for amulet bags, or try a cell phone bag on our smallest Rectangle Loom. This is a great way to learn more about continuous strand weaving with no initial investment in the loom or equipment. Class fee includes use of looms and tools, basic materials, written handout and instruction. Students who purchase their loom will receive a $10 discount at time of purchase.

Intermediate Tapestry
Teacher: Robin Goatey

Saturday 9:00am – 12:00pmIntermediate Tapestry
Skill Level: Intermediate
Class cost $35 (plus $50 if purchasing a Tayet tapestry loom)
Materials $0
3 hrs – 10 Students Max

This class is a next step for students who already know how to make a basic weft-faced tapestry. Robin will demo the basics of graduated shading and vertical striping; students will choose one of the two methods to practice in class. The student may bring a small tapestry loom to weave on, or may purchase a Tayet tapestry loom from The Dancing Goats ($50). Weft yarn will be available, but students are welcome to bring their own yarn as well.

Peg Loom Weaving – Intermediate
Teacher: Jonee Davis

Saturday 9:00am – 12:00pmPeg Loom Bowl
Skill Level: Intermediate
Class cost – $50
Materials – $0
3 hrs – 12 students max

If you have ever woven on a Peg Loom this is the class for you! The history of Peg Loom weaving is unclear it is believed to be an old method of weaving cloth. We are going to take it one step further and learn to weave a circle then make a basket using a Peg Loom. This class is for those that have woven on a Peg Loom prior. All materials are furnished.

Coiled Baskets
Teacher : Joi Chupp

Saturday 9:00am-12:00pmimage-4
Skill Level: Beginner
Class cost $40
Materials cost $0
3 hrs – 15 students max

If you have been involved in almost any fiber arts, you probably have left over yarns or maybe first attempts at spinning. There is not enough for a project but you just can’t part with them. Coiled Baskets is a great way to showcase these yarns.
In this class students will learn the simple techniques used to make a one of a kind bowl or basket. They will also learn other uses for their new skill besides baskets.
All supplies will be provided. However a pair of scissors would be helpful.

Tunisian Crochet
Teacher: Beverly Anglin

Saturday 9:00am-12:00pmTunisian sample 1
Skill Level: Intermediate
Class cost $30
Materials $15
3 hrs – 10 students max

Students will learn the basics of Tunisian Crochet. Student must have good working knowledge of basic crochet for this class.
Learn how to choose yarns that work well with Tunisian crochet. Learn the difference in basic crochet hooks and Tunisian hooks. How to read a basic Tunisian pattern. Student will learn two basic stitches during class. Tss; Tsp;
Student will understand forward pass and return pass; vertical bar
Handout with detailed instructions for Tunisian Crochet along with pictures/graphics.
Pattern interpretation and listing of websites that are specific to Tunisian Crochet and a listing of you tube and books for reference
Students need to bring some balls of yarn, either DK or worsted to crochet with. Hooks will be provided to the student.

Inspiration from Tessellations
Teacher: Katie Clark

Saturday 9am-12pm
Skill Level: Intermediate
Class cost $50
Materials $0
3 hrs – 30 Students max

Required Skills: Reading patterns and Knit & Purl and/or Single crochet & Double crochet
Techniques: Creating various basic shapes, applying shapes to 2D design, creating tessellations, multiple joining techniques
Workshop Description: Are you fascinated by quilt designs, Moroccan mosaics, or even the tilework on your floor? These are all examples of tessellations and you can use these as inspiration for your next afghan! In this class, you will learn what a tessellation is, identify shapes that tessellate, and design using a tessellation. After experimenting with some design options, we will practice making various motifs to include in our designs. Finally, we will look at options for joining our motifs for different effects.
Included: Tessellation designs, Pictures of tile patterns, Graph paper, Colored pencils
Patterns and diagrams for crochet triangle, square, hexagon, octagon, circle
Students Bring: Worsted weight yarn in 2 or 3 coordinating colors (#4)
Appropriate size hooks or needles, Basic crochet or knitting supplies: Scissors, Tapestry needle, Measuring Tape

Two Color Brioche in the Round for Beginners
Teacher: Carla Billingsley

Saturday 9:00am – 12:00pmbrioche_in_the_round_picture
Skill: Intermediate Beginner
Class cost $60
Materials cost – $0
3 hrs – 20 students max

Knitting in the round with two colors is the easiest way to begin learning brioche.
Learn the basic brioche knit and brioche purl stitches while knitting a two-color brioche cowl in the round. We will be using Lavanya Patricella’s Beginner’s Brioche Cowl pattern (a copy will be purchased and printed for each student). This is written for bulky yarn, but we can easily adjust it for worsted weight yarn by adding stitches.  Students must be completely comfortable with the knit and purl stitches.
• If you would like to knit a good-sized cowl, you will need to 2 full skeins (100 grams each) of worsted or bulky yarn in contrasting colors. If you want to knit a smaller cowl, you need about 50 grams each of worsted weight yarn in contrasting colors. We have some yarn packs for this cowl available here.
• For bulky yarn, 24-inch circular needles in size 11. For worsted weight yarn, 16-inch circular needles in size 7. For brioche it is often necessary to go down a needle size to avoid the stitches being too loose, so please bring a needle one size smaller from what you would normally use for the yarn you choose.

Bead Loom Weaving
Teacher: Marla Morris

Saturday 9:00am – 12:00pmbead weaving.jpg
Skill Level: Beginner
Class cost $40
Materials cost $0
3 hrs – 12 students max

Do you like small portable looms? Of course you do! A bead loom combines thread, beads, and can incorporate fibers to make unique bracelets or bands. We will warp and weave a small beaded project in class to practice, then give you ideas for future projects.
This project combines my love of jewelry making with my love of fibers and weaving. The possibilities for this technique are endless—from jewelry, to beaded bands for decoration, to fiber and jewel creations.
Students bring: Beadalon Jewel Loom, thread, needles (these come in a kit online. If you need me to bring a discounted one for you, please let me know), Optional: beading wire, beads or pearls.
Instructor provides Beads, warp and findings.

Spinning 102 – Beyond the Basics
Teacher: Beth Collier

Saturday 9:00am – 12:00pmspinning 102.jpg
Intermediate – Must be able to spin
Class cost – $60
Materials $0
3 hrs – 8 Students max

So, you finally learned to spin. Now what? In this class we will go over a variety of skills you will need to produce usable consistent yarn. We will go over various drafting techniques, plying methods, yarn management and spinning with intention. We will also cover the use of tools such as a niddy noddy, lazy kate, nostipine and yarn wrapping tool. This is not an advanced class for folks wanting to learn spin coils or tail-spin, but a building on your basic skills. Participants MUST be able to spin on a wheel without assistance. Participants must bring their wheel* and at least 1 partially filled bobbin, preferably with a variegated single and have at least 2 empty bobbins. A niddy noddy and some sort of lazy kate are not required but will be helpful. The instructor will provide several types of wool and handouts. All materials are included.
*If a potential participant does not have a wheel but is comfortable spinning on a wheel, the instructor may be able to provide a wheel for use in the class. Please email the instructor and get specific permission to proceed.

Weaving with Two Heddles
Teacher: Mary Berry

Saturday 9am-12pm, 1pm-4pm (Break for lunch)
Skill Level: Intermediate
Class Cost $80
Material cost $10
Weaving with two heddles makes it possible to create beautiful cloth with fine yarns! In this class you will learn how to plan your project, wind a warp, thread two heddles with fine cotton yarn for a table runner, beam your warp using lease sticks for perfect tension, tie on to the front and weave in plain weave using both heddles. Special attention will be given to yarn handling techniques that will keep your warp threads from turning into a knotted mess as you work with them.
Students should be comfortable weaving with one heddle on a rigid
heddle loom.

Students Bring: Rigid heddle loom and all the parts that came with it; 2 8-dent ( or
7.5 dent) heddles; scissors; warping board if you have one; loom stand (optional).
Kromski loom owners should bring all of the pegs that came with their looms.

Saturday 1pm-4pm

Fixing Knitting Mistakes
Teacher: Katie Clark

Saturday 1pm -4pmfixing knitting
Skill Level: Advanced Beginner
Class cost $50
Material cost – $0
3 hrs – 15 students max

Gain confidence in your knitting skills! Learn to identify and correct mistakes in your work. In the first half of this class, you will discover and practice three techniques to fixing your mistakes, identify common mistakes, and learn the best ways to fix those mistakes. We will have a fun and relaxing practice time of the techniques on non-critical swatches. The second half of class, bring in your wips (works in progress) and we will troubleshoot mistakes you may have on your current projects.

Techniques Learned: Counting rows and stitches, fixing common mistakes such as dropped stitches and extra yarn overs using unknitting, vertical knitting, and unraveling

Homework: Using a smooth worsted weight yarn (no fuzz or mohair) and a US size 9 or 10 needle, work 2 swatches casting on 20 sts for each swatch. Work one swatch in garter stitch: K each row; work the other swatch in stockinette stitch: K odd rows, P even rows. Work each swatch for about 3-4 inches. Don’t worry about mistakes; bring them as is. Do no bind off. Instead, transfer each swatch to a stitch holder. Please remember to bring the needles you used to stitch your swatches as well as a small crochet hook (around a US size F: 4.0mm).Required Skills: Knitting & Purling

Working with Handpainted Yarn
Teacher: Jennifer Miller

Saturday 1pm – 4pm
Skill Level: Intermediate
Class cost $40
Materials Cost $0
3 hours – 15 students max

If you’ve got a few (or many) skeins of lovely handpainted yarn, but don’t know what to do with them, this class is for you! Jennifer, a designer of hand dyed yarns, will show & teach the most spectacular ways to show off your special skeins. This class covers fearless color combining, innovative ways to work with 2+ skeins of handpainted yarns, color theory, and more. We will focus on the creation of socks & shawls, as well as mitts & scarves.
Participants will learn how to visualize how a handpainted, multi-color skein will knit up, how to work with long & short color repeats, & explore the stitches that avoid unsightly color pooling. We’ll practice learning several stitch patterns & their variations that show off multi-colored yarn, including chevron; linen stitch; mitered square; feather & fan. You’ll leave with beautiful illustrations of handpaints, & confidence & resources to create lovely pieces on your own! This is an intermediate class, intended for students who are relatively proficient knitters.

Participants should be able to knit, purl, yarn over, ssk, k2tog, kfb, double decrease.
Participants, please bring a skein or two of handpainted fingering weight yarn, ready to knit (wound into a ball or cake); straight or double point needles, sizes 4, 5, 6.
Participants will receive: Handouts with stitch patterns.

Sock Sense
Teacher: Deborah Carlson

Saturday 1pm-4pmsock sense.jpg
Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Class Cost $60
Materials Cost $0
3 hrs – 15 students max

This will be a fun class focusing on the construction of a sock and the multiple different ways to make a sock! Sock knitting can be fantastic, but also over whelming if you don’t understand the jargon and all the options! This class will ease that anxiety and get you excited and confident in your skills. We will not be knitting an entire sock in one class, but the goal is to get you started and confident. We will cover using both metal/ wood 9 inch circular and double point needles for sock construction, the benefits to toe up or cuff down construction, multiple heel techniques and different ways to cast on and off to make a more comfortable sock. Different fibers will be discussed as to what makes a more comfortable, durable sock, and what you can do if you really have your heart set on one fiber choice!
Students Bring:  Size 1 or 2 needles to class. It is suggested to bring 9-inch circulars and double points. One skein of fingering weight yarn.
All Students should be able to handle basic skills. Students should be comfortable with basic knitting skills such as casting on, knitting, purling and knitting in the round.

Introduction to Card Weaving with an Inkle Loom
Teacher: Roiana Buckmaster

Saturday 1pm-4pmimg_1180
Skill Level: Beginner
Class Cost – $80
Materials Cost $0
3 hrs – 10 students max

Learn to weave a warp-faced band using a pack of four hole cards. These cards allow the weaver to manipulate individual warp threads and open up a whole new world of designs.
Students will learn to warp the loom and manipulate the cards to create different patterns, along with making the shed to pass the shuttle through, how to keep edges tidy and maintain tension.
Previous weaving experience is not required. The class fee covers all materials required
including a handmade Poplar wood inkle loom and shuttle, 1 pack of cards and the threads for your class project.

Crocheted Edgings (for Knitters)
Teacher: Connie Lee Lynch

Saturday 1pm – 4pm
Skill Level: Advanced Beginner (some crochet experience recommended)
Class Cost -$35
Materials Cost – $0
3 hrs  –  8 Students max

Want to add a crocheted edging to your knit fabric to help combat that pesky curling? Or maybe just for some extra pizzazz? Join me to learn about and practice different crocheted edgings including single crochet, crab stitch, shell, picot, and more! Bring knit or crocheted swatches and accompanying yarn with appropriate hooks to practice your favorite stitches!
We will focus on edgings of student choice, beginning with tips for evenly spaced stitches while working along edges of different fabrics.  Instructor will bring swatches to illustrate different edging techniques.

Students Bring 4” – 6” knit or crocheted swatch(es) to practice edging stitches, yarn and a variety of hooks (usually within 2 hook sizes of yarn label recommendation) to practice edgings on swatches.

Fair Isle Deconstructed!
Teacher: Kathy Berkshire

Saturday 1pm-4pmimage-2
Skill Level: Intermediate – Confident with basic knitting skills and knitting in the round.
Class cost $40
Materials $0
3 hrs – 6 students max

It is said that if you can knit with one color you can knit with two. It is only a matter of thinking one row at a time and watching the magic of Fair Isle unfold.
The colorwork patterns known as Fair Isle originated in the Shetland Isles and have a long and rich history. Each Fair Isle pattern is magical. You work across each row with two colors to create a beautifully patterned fabric. Even a simple, stranded pattern looks like a work of art.
We will knit a cowl in the round with ribbed borders and a traditional Shetland pattern.
Students Bring:
1 skein each of 3 contrasting colors in sport or DK weight. Each color will require approximate 150 yards, 24” size 5 circular needle.
6 stitch markers, with one in a unique color to designate the beginning of your round.
Pattern will be provided in class.
Designate one of your colors as the main color (MC). Your MC will be the background color and the other 2 colors will be used for your pattern. With MC, cast on 144 stitches. Join, place marker for beginning of the round. Knit 7 rounds of K1, P1 ribbing. Leave on needle and bring to class.

Advanced Shaping Brioche
Teacher: Kim Hays

Saturday 1pm-6pmkim hays advanced brioche
Skill level: Intermediate
Class cost $105
Materials cost $0
5 hrs – 10 Students max

Brioche is stunning when knitting with two colors and using increases and decreases for shaping! This class teaches the Italian cast-on and bind off, along with brioche increase and decrease stitches. As with my other classes, I created a scarf pattern that practices all the techniques taught. We will practice the above pattern working a swatch-sized sample.  Class cost includes project pattern.  Prerequisite- Practical knowledge of the brioche knit and purl stitches and command of the two-color brioche technique.

Students Bring: Size 6, 24” circular needles made up of some type of wood.  Metal needles are a bit slick when learning the technique. Bring 2 different colored worsted weight yarns approximately 250 yds each.

Crocheted Socks
Teacher: Jonee Davis

Saturday 1:00pm – 5pmCrocheted Socks
Skill Level: Intermediate
Class cost $45
Materials – $0
4 hrs – 10 students max

Learning to crochet socks is a whole lot of fun. You don’t need a whole lot of supplies and the best part is that it’s a portable project. You can crochet socks almost anywhere. Socks can be intimidating at first but they are not hard. Each step will be explained in detail and I will be there to help throughout the process until you feel comfortable. We will also be creating a foot template for you to help with that perfect fit. Handouts and yarn will be provided. Students must know basic stitches. You will take home a sock for a sample. Student to bring a size D and E hook, and pencil or pen.

Southwest Spindle
Teacher: Teresa Goatey

Saturday 1pm-4pmSouthwest Spindle2
Skill Level: Beginner
Class Cost $45
Materials $0
2 hrs – 8 students max

Spin medium to heavyweight weight yarns with the Navajo-inspired Southwest spindle. Great weaver’s spindle choice for heavy singles for making rugs and blankets. All of The Dancing Goats Spindles have a non-traditional hook on the end, making them easy to learn and use.

Saturday 4:00 – 6:00pm

Intro to Marling
Teacher: Connie Lynch

Saturday 4pm-6pmConnie Lee Lynch - Intro to Marling
Advanced Beginner (knitting or crochet)
Class Cost $25
Materials Cost $0
2 hrs – 12 students max

Marling, in a nutshell, is simply working with 2 strands of yarn held together at the same time. It is also an excellent way to play with color! Mini skeins, anyone? Come play with color and experiment with easy colorwork that can range from subtle to striking!
Learn basic marling techniques, including how to work with two strands of yarn simultaneously, as well as different ways to apply the technique for a variety of results!

Students should bring: Yarn in 4 different colors of the same weight, preferably smooth and evenly plied, and hooks or needles appropriate for double original yarn weight. For example, marling with sock yarn will usually require a 4-5mm hook or needle.

Provisional Cast on
Teacher: Kathy Berkshire

Saturday 4pm – 6pmProvisional Cast On Picture
Skill Level: Advanced Beginner
Class cost $35
Material cost $0
2 hrs – 6 students max

A Provisional Cast On – Yikes!
You love a pattern. It begins with “Cast on 120 stitches using a Provisional Cast On”. Oh no! Don’t panic. Come to this class and learn 2 ways to execute a temporary, provisional cast on. We will “unzip” our temporary cast on to relieve the live stitches and knit on! We will discuss the reasons to use this cast on.

Materials required:
Two colors of worsted weight yarn for practice.
Small amount of worsted waste yarn in a different color than your practice yarn.
Needles appropriate for your yarn (#8 or #9).
Crochet Hook (G or H) and don’t worry, you do not have to know how to crochet!


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