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Friday, September 21, 2018

Kimble Funches


In the fifth grade Kimble saw Louis Armstrong play trumpet on TV. After playing funchesArmstrong opened his arms as if to embrace the world and did that laugh that he was famous for. “I knew then that I wanted to play the trumpet and emulate the joy, passion and spirit that he shared the world over” as stated by Kimble. This was the beginning of Kimble’s journey into the world of music.
Kimble grew up in Crystal Springs, MS, the old stomping ground of the great Robert Johnson. While attending college Kimble had the opportunity to perform with Lionel Hampton and other music greats. Bitten by the music bug, by his senior year Kimble was playing the trumpet part with the Johnnie Taylor Orchestra. This led to other opportunities and work relationships formed out on the road.
Funchess is a veteran and versatile trumpeter whose enthusiasm for music has led to a professional career as a performing artist and music educator. Kimble has performed with some of the nation’s greatest artists such as Mavis Staples, the O’Jays, Paul Overstreet and Wilson Pickett. B.B. King, Pine Top Perkins and David “Fathead” Newman are just a few of the blues greats with whom Kimble has performed. Kimble Funchess has been featured on many Blues and Gospel recordings and is very appreciative of the wealth of opportunities that have been afforded him. Kimble says “it is truly a blessing to have the opportunity to live a life through music”.
B.B. King’s Blues Band welcomes Kimble Funchess.

Friday Creativity: Our Sacred Expression in Needlework

Jennifer Miller



What is creativity? How do we access it & express it in the fiberarts? What makes a work of art truly genius? What are the components of our talents, skills, tools, & experiences that bring forward unique creations? What does creativity bring forward in each of us & why is it important? And, of course – how can we be sure that we’re on the right creative track as we knit & crochet?IMG_3015[247]

These are the kinds of topics that Jennifer Miller has been contemplating for years – mostly as she dyes, knits, sews, & assists others to be inspired & self-confident. Come hear Jennifer as she addresses the mystery of creativity in the fiberarts – including her own journey, misadventures, twists & turns, & inspirations. You’ll be excited & confident in your own creative journey, too!

Jennifer is a yarn/color designer, creator of Theodora’s Pearls, nationally-known hand-painted and hand-dyed fine fibers, featuring unusual and luxury fibers. She’s a popular knitting instructor, including basic and advanced technique, knitwear design, creativity, and color design. She teaches and lectures on creativity, working with colors, knitting design, lacework, and more.


Saturday, September 22, 2018

Adib Sahir


Growing up in the golden age of Mississippi’s blues and jazz, .Adib Sabir has a different perspective on Jackson music, one gained from nearly half a century in the industry.

Sabir spent his formative years on the campus of Tougaloo College, where his father, George A. Owens, was president from 1964 to 1984. As a young boy, Sabideeb2r wasn’t afraid to be in front of an audience, which gave him plenty of opportunities to act and sing. However, his interest in music didn’t fully form until he started attending Jackson State University in the late 1960s.

“I started out as a solo artist. Then, I was working with a group called The Age of Aquarius. I was the lead vocalist, and it was kind of a big band—horns and everything,” he says. Sabir played in that band with bassist Arthur Powell and drummer Amin Abdur-Rashid.  After brief successes, Sanders left for college, and Powell moved to Vicksburg.

In the meantime, Sabir, 66, still performs regularly. He recently recorded an album with Paperclip Scientists, which he expects to release in September. He’s also an original member of The Vamps, which has been together for about 16 years. His cohorts in The Vamps include well-known musicians Barry Leach, Denny Burkes, Bob Pieczyk, Terry Miller and Kevin Lewis. Saxophonist Booker Walker recently decided to step away from the band, but he’s a notable name, having appeared on multiple B.B. King albums.

“I like to tell about these guys because no one ever mentions them, and I get a chance to work with them,” Sabir says. “You know, even though we’re friends and peers, I still admire them greatly.”

Sabir came up in the local club scene, “the actual training ground,” he says, where he and his peers performed alongside much more experienced players. “It’s the ability to tell stories and interpret music in a way that makes people feel something,” he says. “… When the old cats play blues, you can tell we’re really playing blues. Some of the young guys play and the attitude I generally hear is, ‘Well, that’s just the blues.’ But that’s your legacy. That’s your gift. And that’s the riches that were passed on to you.”



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