Our 2019 Teachers

Beverly Anglin (Madison MS)

Beverly has been knitting since she was a small child. Her Norwegian Grandmother taught her many invaluable lessons and Beverly hopes to pass on some of that wisdom as she works, teaches and plays at her yarn shop. Her skills include knitting,crochet, needlepoint, embroidery, smocking, weaving and teaching.
A Canadian by birth and upbringing, she spent many years working as a Registered nurse. Retiring in 2016, Beverly is able to spend more time at her shop and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the art of stitching.

Beverly is teaching:
Zoom Loom Weaving – Thursday 1pm-4pm
Finishing Fun – Friday 9am-12pm
Tunisian Crochet – Saturday 9am-12pm

Kathy Berkshire (Holly Springs, MS)

Kathy Berkshire Picture.jpgKathy has been knitting since junior high school. She has extensive experience in many facets of the knitting industry. She has taught knitting in various venues such as yarn shops and fiber festivals. She has a comprehensive repertoire of class topics. Kathy has also been a manufacturer’s representative and has test knit for a major yarn company. She is a graduate of Level 1 of TKGA’s Master Knitting Program.
After 35 years in the corporate world, Kathy spent 8 years at Knit1 in Oxford, Mississippi where she applied her skills not only as class teacher and private instructor, but in creating a superior, highly curated experience for customers.
Kathy is a volunteer in her county’s 4-H program, assisting in youth activities. She started the first knitting classes which have continued to grow since their inception.
Kathy is passionate about knitting, recognizes the importance of continuing to learn, and loves to share her knowledge with others.

Kathy is teaching:
Sewing Seams – Thursday 1pm-4pm
Beginning Brioche – Friday 9am-12pm
Intarsia – Friday 4pm-6pm
Fair Isle – Saturday 1pm-4pm
Provisional Cast-On Saturday 4pm-6pm

Mary Berry (Farmersville, TX)

Mary Berry is livinMary_Berry.JPGg her dream raising sheep; teaching spinning, weaving, dyeing, and rug hooking classes; and creating fiber art that she loves. When she is not at home on the farm, you will find her teaching at her studio or at fiber festivals around the country coaxing one more student into trying something new, stretching a few boundaries, and doing more than they thought they could.


Mary is teaching:
Cards vs Combs – Thursday 1pm-4pm
Rug Hooking  – Friday 9am-4pm
Weaving with two Heddles Saturday 9am-4pm

Carla Billingsley (Whitesboro, TX)

Carla Billingsley rediscovered knitting shortly after her carla_billingsley (002)40th birthday when she fell in love with handpainted and novelty yarns. At first she only made rectangles and triangles: scarves, throws, and shawls. Eventually she worked up the courage to try lace and socks. After learning to turn her first heel she realized that you can learn anything if you set your mind to it, and that learning is a lot easier if you can take a class with a good teacher. In 2014 she and her husband Curtis moved to Texas and in June 2015 they opened Quixotic Fibers, a yarn and fiber store in Whitesboro, Texas. Although she prefers to bring in local experts to teach classes at the shop, she began drawing her experience in technical training in order to prepare and teach classes for which no teachers were available and discovered that teaching knitting classes is as much fun as taking them.

Carla is teaching:
CoCoknits Sweater Workshop – Friday 9am-4pm
Two Color Brioche in the Round  – Saturday 9am-12pm

Roiana Buckmaster (Mount Pleasant, TN)

Roiana currently lives in Mount Pleasant, Tennessee, where she is working with her husband Mike and youngest son Nick to build a flock of Icelandic sheep (along with chickens, guinea fowl, ponies, puppies and whatever else she can smuggle into the barn when Mike isn’t looking). Roiana was given knitting needles at the age of 6 (to keep her out from underfoot), embroidery at the age of 10 (to encourage sitting still) and plunged headlong into the shadowy worlds of spinning, weaving, tatting and various other fiber arts from there. It’s a slippery slope, but what a ride!

Roiana is teaching:
Intermediate Shuttle Tatting  – Friday 4pm-6pm
Card Weaving with Inkle Loom – Saturday 1pm-4pm

Deborah Carlson (Arlington, TX)

Deborah Carlcarlson (2)son is a scientist turned knitter who uses sock knitting as therapy! Given her background she has had to try every way and option to knitting socks! In 2016, her watermelon socks won the blue ribbon at the State Fair of Texas in the sock division. Her focus on socks has been finding a method, which will create beautiful, durable, and well fitting socks. In addition to knitting, she also enjoys spinning and blending fibers, as well as heirloom counted cross-stitch.


Michelle Christoph (Winter Park, FL)

michelleMichelle Christoph is co-owner of Olive & Two Ewe Studios with her business partner, Carolyn Edgar. Together, they have developed a thriving indie-dyed yarn and curated fiber craft accessories company while working to build the local fiber craft community in Florida and beyond through Yarn Lounge events, their YouTube Podcast, The Traveling Two Ewe Knit, and more! After over 15 years in the field of social work and psychology, Michelle determined that fiber is her true calling and enjoys now working with others in the context of the fiber world. She lives at home with her husband and two dogs and recently “retired” from work to be a full time yarny!

Michelle is teaching:
Mediative Stitching – Friday 4pm-6pm

Joi Chupp  (Stella, MO)

This is not the life I planned. My mother taught me to sew, crochet and knit when I was young. And it was fun. But I didn’t want to be like my mother. So what happened? We bought a farm for the kid’s horses. The barn yard was full of weeds, so we got some goats. And then it happened. I inherited a neighbor’s few sheep. And another neighbor taught me to spin. And I was hooked. There aren’t a lot of fibery things I haven’t done. Am I like my mother? No. She went to the store and bought yarn. Me? I raise it, shear it, process it, dye it, spin it……well you get the idea. And I love almost every minute of this crazy life.

Joi is teaching:
Kumihimo – Thursday 1pm-4pm
Dimensional Weaving – Friday 9am-12pm
Felted Lights – Friday 1pm-4pm
Coiled Baskets – Saturday 9am-12pm

Katie Clark (Madison, MS)

Katie Clark has been crocheting and knitting for 30 years. For many years, she taught friends and family and anyone who would sit still long enough how to stitch. It finally occurred to her in 2009 to teach professionally and began offering classes at the Knit Studio in Jackson, Mississippi and the Bill Waller Craft Center in Ridgeland, Mississippi.
She now teaches regionally and writes patterns as Katie Clark Crochet which are available on Ravelry. Her first published pattern is available in the Spring 2019 issue of Interweave Crochet Magazine. She is a proud member of the Craftsmen’s Guild of Mississippi, Chimneyville Weavers and Spinners Guild, and the Crochet Guild of America. She lives in Madison, Mississippi with her husband, daughter, two cats, and a ridiculous stash of yarn.

Katie is teaching:
Double Knitting – Thursday 1pm-4pm
Intro to Knitting – Friday 1pm-4pm
Filet Crochet – Friday 4pm-6pm
Inspiration from Tessellations – Saturday 9am-12pm
Fixing Knitting Mistakes – Saturday 1pm-4pm

Beth Collier (Charlotte, TN)


Beth Collier Shafer has been spinning for almost 15 years. She and her husband Steve own Three Creeks Farm, a small family farm in Charlotte, Tennessee where they have sheep, goats and a variety of other animals. They also sell their fleeces, roving and spinning related products. Beth has done numerous spinning demonstrations often dressed in 18th century or civil war era clothing and enjoys sharing her love of spinning with anyone who will listen. She also needle felts and does various types of dyeing including natural, food coloring and chemical dyes. When not spinning or felting, Beth enjoys her grandchildren.

Beth is teaching:
Beginning Felting – Friday 9am-12pm
Spinning 102 – Saturday 9am-12pm

Jonee Davis (Wheaton, MO)

Jonee has been active in the fiber arts since 1991. She first learned to weave then took up spinning. She is also an avid crocheter while dabbling in all the other aspects relating to fibers. She feels that we are never too young or too old to learn new things about the world of fiber arts and loves to share whatever knowledge she has with others. Jonee has a small hobby farm where she and her husband are the caretakers of dairy and boer goats, horses, alpacas, sheep, LGD’s, and all the other livestock that come with a farm.


Jonee is teaching:
Beginning Crochet – Thursday 1pm-4pm
Peg Loom Weaving – Friday 1pm-4pm
Peg Loom Intermediate – Saturday 9am-12pm
Crocheted Socks – Saturday 1pm-5pm

Carolyn Edgar (Lakeland, FL)


Carolyn is one of the two Ewes behind Olive & Two Ewe. An indie dyer and homeschooling mama, she has a love for fiber, color, and teaching others about the wonders of dyeing yarn and knitting. Before homeschooling and starting Olive & Two Ewe, she worked in the field of Social Work and taught at Warner University in Lake Wales, Florida. She currently resides with her husband, children, and pets in sunny central Florida.

Carolyn is teaching:

Intro to Yarn Dyeing – Friday 9am-12pm


Robin Goatey (The Dancing Goats, Sandoval, IL)

Robin Goatey

Robin is an award winning full time festival craftsman working Fiber Festivals in the Midwest, having recently served as Instructor at the John C. Campbell Folk School. Inspired by Tolkien’s Legendarium, he started carving Ents, Wizards and Castles after reading the Hobbit four decades ago. Woodcarving, Woodturning, Hand Built Ceramics, Hot and Cold Glass, Coppersmithing, Enameling, Broom Making, Tool Making, Spinning & Navajo Style Weaving are current specialties. Teaching the Traditional Crafts is a passion. He also conducts a lively online trade in ‘Heirloom Quality Hand Made Fiber Tools’.

Robin is teaching:
Introduction to Tapestry – Friday 1pm-4pm
Intermediate Tapestry – Saturday 9am-12pm

Teresa Goatey (The Dancing Goats, Sandoval, IL)

Teresa GoateyTeresa and her husband Robin both retired from corporate-type jobs and bought a small farm in central Illinois. She has enjoyed fiber arts for most of her life: sewing since her teens, rug hooking since 1980 and spinning and weaving since 1994. Since retirement, her focus has been on expanding and improving on her fiber skills and learning to care for her flock of Finn and Shetland sheep.

Teresa is teaching:
Spin & Ply with Tibetian Spindle – Friday 9am-12pm
Southwest Spindle – Saturday 1pm-4pm

Brenda Harrower (Vicksburg, MS)

Brenda Harrower began spinning as the fulfillment of a dream she had since childhood. She is an avid knitter, so it just seems a perfect step forward. She got her first wheel about 30 years ago and began spinning. Raising kids and showing dogs, pugs, took her away from it for awhile. Once life settled down she decided to take the six year study of spinning offered by the Olds College out of Canada, earning her Master Spinner degree with honors. Brenda loves to teach and will offer a good base for your new adventure into the world of fibers!

Brenda is teaching:
Beginning Spinning  – Thursday 1pm-4pm
Spinning Luxury Fibers – Friday 9am-12pm

Kim Hays (Dallas, TX)

kim hays

Kim Hays has been a teacher most of her adult life. She started out as a skiing and kayaking instructor, then taught school for 15 + years, and is now a knitting and crochet instructor. Kim specializes in teaching the brioche and tuck stitches and is in love with the two techniques after taking classes from Nancy Marchant. She writes patterns specific to the types of classes taught, taking into consideration the needs of the student. Kim is a partner in Roving Fibers Adventures and maintains a blog, rovingfibers.com. You can also find her on Instagram @rovingfibers and her Facebook page is RovingFibersAdventures. Her designs are published on Ravelry under the name Kim Hays – Roving Fibers.

Kim is teaching:
Short Rows – Thursday 1pm-4pm
Continental Knitting – Friday 9am-12pm
Intro to Tuck Stitch and Brioche – Friday 1pm-5pm
Fixing Brioche Mistakes – Saturday 1pm-4pm

Connie Lynch (Williamsburg, VA)

Instructor Photo - Connie Lee Lynch.jpg

Connie Lee Lynch is a Certified Crochet Instructor through the Craft Yarn Council and has been teaching crochet since 2013. She has been designing since 2009 with her first pattern published in Interweave Crochet Magazine in 2012. She was a participant in several community charity and art projects, including Something in the Water, an ongoing global eco-art project that was first displayed at the American Jewish Museum in Pittsburgh, PA in May of 2011. She is also the co-founder of the Central Texas Crochet Guild, located near Fort Hood, where her son, Carson, was born in 2016. As an Army wife, Connie moves with her family every few years, sprinkling her love for the fiber arts behind her as she goes!
“I’ve always loved textured crochet, but once I learned that I could sculpt with crochet, which I learned through the art of amigurumi, it opened a whole new world to me because suddenly I understood it in a completely different way. The designing process has come to be my favorite part of crocheting because that’s where I get to actually create. My husband says crocheting is like magic, which I’m rather fond of him saying in all honesty, but for me the magic happens when I figure out how to transform an idea in my head into a unique, handmade piece of art that I’m proud to share with the world.”
You can find a selection of her patterns at http://www.crochetcetera.com as well as on Ravelry.

Connie is teaching:
Crochet Mitered Squares – Thursday 1pm-4pm
Fibonacci, Fiber and Fun! Friday 4pm-6pm
Crocheted Edgings for Knitters – Saturday 1pm-4pm
Intro to Marling – Saturday 4pm-6pm

Jennifer Susannah Miller (Longmont, CO)



Jennifer is a yarn/color designer, creator of Theodora’s Pearls, nationally-known handpainted and handdyed fine fibers, featuring unusual and luxury fibers. She’s a popular knitting instructor, including basic and advanced technique, knitwear design, creativity, and color design. She teaches and lectures on creativity, working with colors, knitting design, lacework, and more.

Theodora’s Pearls, Jennifer’s hand-dyed line of yarn, is popular in discerning yarn shops nationwide. The line features unique and luxury fibers, including exclusive custom-spun bamboo, wool and wool-cashmere blends, silk, and more. Theodora’s vibrant colors appear as tonals, handpaints, speckle-dye, solids, and other color-applications.

Jennifer brings her background in marketing, psychology, counseling, art history, science, and metaphysics to the knitting classroom. Jennifer is dedicated to promoting creative confidence in every knitter, enhancing knitting skills, and encouraging new and innovative experimentation in yarn! Jennifer is dedicated to promoting creative confidence, enhancing knitting skills, and encouraging new and innovative experimentation in yarn. Her teaching is focused on accessing the creativity that we all hold. A self-taught artist, sourcing inspiration largely from the natural world, she shares her own creative journey as an example of how we all can express ourselves through beauty, harmony, and functionality.

Jennifer ‘s awards include features in the AIA Austin Tour of Homes and the Central Texas Parade of Homes; LaPlata County Fair 2015 Blue Ribbon. Jennifer was born in Dallas, Texas, and made Austin her headquarters for over 30 years. She now resides in Longmont, Colorado.

Jennifer is teaching:
Design your own Shawl – Friday 1pm-4pm
Working with Hand Dyed Yarn – Saturday 1pm-4pm

Marla Morris (Fort Worth, TX)


Marla started sewing at 5, and has had a lifelong love for textiles, making things by hand almost obsessively. She started knitting again in 2000, and beading again in 2002. She has taught many subjects including computers, sewing, knitting, weaving, beading, and has designed several patterns. She has been an Educator, Web Designer,Project Manager; as well as homeschooling her children.
She is also a specialty jewelry designer, making knitting/spinning and custom beaded jewelry.
Marla calls Fort Worth, Texas home, although she grew up in Missouri. Her sweet husband puts up with her crafting habits, and has promised her a workshop when they “retire.” They have six adopted daughters, aged 20-29, and two sweet dogs.

Bex Oliger (Columbia, MO)

Bex Oliger grew up in her mother’s (Carol Leigh Brack-Kaiser, author of Continuous Strand Weaving Magic and Nature Provides) weaving and dyeing studio. She has been weaving, spinning, natural dyeing and knitting for over 35 years. Bex is currently a knitwear designer and owner of Hillcreek yarn Shoppe in Columbia, MO. She and her husband travel to Fiber Festivals across the country to vend and teach.


Marcy Petrini (Jackson, MS


Marcy Petrini has been a fiber artist for over 40 years. She is currently a regular columnist for the quarterly Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot. As a juried member and then fellow of the Craftsmen’s Guild of Mississippi, Inc., she has been teaching beginning and intermediate weaving weekly for over 35 years, for which she received a CGM Lifetime Achievement Award. Marcy has also taught spinning, knitting and color locally and at conferences all over the country.

Donna Peyton (Madison, MS)

Donna is originally from Charleston, South Carolina.  After living on the Mississippi Gulf and in Auburn, Alabama, Donna moved to the metro Jackson area in 2001.  She has been knitting since 1993 and spinning her own yarn since 2009.  A member of the Chimneyville Weavers and Spinners Guild, she has taught knitting and spinning classes for several years.  She is a tech editor and pattern designer for The Degarge series of books by Cooperative press.



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